Westland Health To Bring Peace Of Mind To Families And Local Businesses This Christmas

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With its Rapid Antigen Testing system, Westland Health is looking to bring peace of mind to families and local businesses in the South and West this Christmas.

As the festive season fast approaches, communities across the region will be hoping to reunite with loved ones over the holidays. Restaurants and retail outlets starved of footfall this year will also be relying heavily on the increase in activity.

Providing much-needed assurance in these strange times is Ennis’s Westland Health, whose quick and inexpensive testing system is set to become a valuable tool in putting minds at ease during this most social time of year.

From restaurants welcoming back staff and customers, to wedding guests and funeral mourners, to frontline workers, teachers, and essential-service providers, Westland Health’s Antigen Testing is quick, easy, and accurate. Unlike antibody tests, Antigen Testing takes 30 seconds and delivers results in just 15 minutes, all with an accuracy rate of up to 98%.

What’s more, while other private Coronavirus tests can be prohibitively expensive to undertake as part of routine precautions, Westland Health’s Antigen Testing costs just €35.

Westland Health Director Stephen Murphy said: “I’ve worked in nursing homes long enough to know how important it is for families to visit loved ones, especially at this time of year. Because this testing system gives quick and accurate results, it can be a vital tool in such an uncertain time and add an extra layer of assurance for those who don’t want to put relatives at risk.” 

Westland Health’s testing kits are fully approved by the Health Products Regulatory Authority of Ireland (HPRA). They are administered by trained staff at its walk-in clinic, which will stay open 9am-8pm right up to Christmas Eve and into the New Year. A team of testers can also come to any workplace so that staff can be instantly diagnosed.

For all press and media enquires please contact Suzy Madigan on 065-6703014 or email . For full details about Westland Health’s Covid-19 Antigen Testing, go to

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