Triumph in Tinseltown: ‘JFK – The Three Miles’ Clinches Prestigious ‘Best Documentary Short’ Honour at City of Angels Film Festival, Commemorating President John F. Kennedy’s Pivotal 1963 Visit

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In a momentous achievement, the acclaimed documentary ‘JFK – The Three Miles’ has secured the highly coveted ‘Best Documentary Short’ title at the City of Angels Women’s Film Festival, held in the heart of Los Angeles. This triumph marks a poignant celebration of President John F. Kennedy’s transformative journey through Galway in 1963, capturing the essence of his historic visit that left an indelible mark not only on America but also reshaped the global perception of Ireland. 

Directed by the talented Galway native with a media background, Pamela Finn, ‘JFK – The Three Miles’ stands out as a remarkable directorial . Finn’s exceptional work has not gone unnoticed, as she was honoured with the prestigious title of Best Director at the Washington DC International Cinema Festival. The documentary further received an Honourable Mention at the Athens International Monthly Arts Film Festival, as well as the esteemed recognition of Best Documentary Short at both the Cannes Film Festival and winner of the Dublin International Short Film & Music Festival. Adding to this impressive list of accolades, the film has now clinched the Best Documentary Short award at the City of Angels Women’s Film Festival. 

The documentary vividly captures the enduring impact of President Kennedy’s historic journey, portraying his time in Ireland as ‘the best four days of his life,’ a sentiment that resonates throughout the film. Pamela Finn expressed her gratitude for the recent win and emphasised the significance of empowering female filmmakers. She stated, “As a female filmmaker, I advocate for the transformative power of storytelling to break boundaries and shape perspectives. Empowering women in film means amplifying diverse voices, nurturing creativity, and enriching the cinematic landscape. By championing women in the industry, we not only break glass ceilings but also forge a lasting legacy of stories that authentically capture the depth and diversity of the human experience.” 

The City of Angels Women’s Film Festival is a dynamic initiative dedicated to empowering and connecting women and those identifying as female in the film industry. The festival takes pride in showcasing outstanding films created by women, both from the local Los Angeles scene and the global stage. With a primary focus on recognising films directed, produced, written, or featuring a cast primarily led by women or a combination of these elements, the City of Angels Women’s Film Festival is committed to honouring and amplifying the contributions of women in filmmaking. 


Director Pamela Finn

Pamela Finn, Director and Producer of JFK The Three Miles. Winner of Best Documentary Short at City of Angels Women’s Film Festival 2023.