The Future Of PR

By March 25, 2015April 25th, 2021No Comments

Public relations is quickly evolving as the industry barrels down a road with three separate directions: Traditional PR, Advocacy PR and Social Media.

The media business is changing, and so is PR.  Fewer consumers are reading newspapers and magazines on paper each year as they consume their news online, sometimes via news websites of the mainstream media or commentary pages and/or blogging sites that didn’t exist until recently.

The longtime media has been experienced digitally for a few years now, so books and columns that divide the PR functions into “online” and “offline” PR and marketing are simply out of date.  The lines have blurred, all the content found in print is also available digitally.

Not that many years ago, we had just one media relations tool, the telephone,At that time, if you couldn’t tell your story in 10 seconds by phone, the options suddenly became as narrow.The one constant then and now is the value of imagination and tenacity. Nothing can stop a PR person with an ample supply of both.