The Future Of Blogging

By December 14, 2015April 25th, 2021No Comments

Every form of communication eventually reaches a point of saturation (of basic awareness, knowledge and skill) within the general public. After which, its use–no matter how efficient–is no longer novel or compelling unless it is presented in a meaningful way.

The harsh truth is that, as much as people say they value free info, they really don’t. You can put out the most fantastic blog post in the world and it is going to likely be forgotten in a day.

If we look at many who are doing well in the internet marketing game, you’ll notice something:

  • They hardly ever post to their blog.
  • Their blogs are usually free from creative imagery
  • They don’t freely share everything they know.

Most bloggers do the exact opposite (give info away freely, spend a lot of time on blog design, spend hours on Twitter, etc.) and don’t make any money.

So, who’s right?