Noc Noc…Who’s There….

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NOC Sleepless Nights For Parents On The Head

NOC On Wood creates bespoke, fantasy beds which are out of this world

After five successful years building N.O.C carpentry; creative genius and craftsman Neil O’Connell is taking to his workshop in Sligo and launching his sister company N.O.C on wood with his own online shop of unique hand-made furniture.

He specialises in an extensive range of bespoke, fantasy themed children’s beds. Using the finest materials to create funky furniture, NOC on wood caters for an emerging market of people who appreciate handmade design, creative thinking and want to purchase Irish products in the West of Ireland.

It can be every parent’s nightmare to coax their child to move from their cot to a grown up bed but you should be able to ease the transition with NOC on woods’ dream beds. Between retro-styled camper van beds complete with bold and chunky, durable features and a cool boxing ring bed including four posts and the red ring around the frame there is something to suit all children to create the perfect, funky centre piece in any kid’s room.

With a slick urban take on the traditional bunk bed design come into a striking combination of yellow and green wood with four tyres to create a tractor bed which is a dream come true for little boys and girls and is perfect for sleepovers.

Make bedtime less of a battle with our pick of the best beds your little ones will be desperate to settle down for lights out. These beds create a nest like environment where parents can tell their children a story nestled amongst the sheets in a fantasy bed which will stretch your little ones imagination beyond their wildest dreams.

With a multifunctional base located in Sligo NOC on wood are able to oversee each process that is involved in taking their innovative ideas and designs and evolving them into the magical products that they offer to anybody who is intent on creating the perfect interior space. NOC on wood rely on their irreplaceable craftsmanship and creative instinct which enables them to flourish and generate a reputation for incredible joinery work which creates so much more than just a bed for all children.

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