News Winner ?

By October 31, 2015April 25th, 2021No Comments

Is social media is now the key provider of information?

In a recent report by research firm redbrick, it looked at where the news comes from in today’s media. It found that print publications are first with new information 50% of the time, followed by local TV, specialist media, radio and then, right at the bottom of the table, new media sends out just 9%,

Research also challenges the idea that a lack of trust is undermining the traditional media providers. In reality 64% of adults regard TV as the most trusted news outlet, 58% picked radio, 38% newspapers, 25% magazines while Facebook and Twitter were trusted by 15% and only 9% of people questioned relied on blogs.

So while blogs, Facebook and Twitter fulfil other roles such as community, opinion, immediacy and gossip, when it comes to trusted sources of information and insight, TV and radio still come out on top.