Milon Circle @ Kingfisher Club

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Kingfisher Club Launch Exclusive New Fitness Circuit. Guaranteed Results -Or Your Money Back !

The Kingfisher Club have more good news for anyone wishing to lose weight or tone up ! Ireland’s affordable fitness clubs have announced they are introducing the renowned ‘Milon Circuit ‘ exclusively in their Renmore Club. Offering more variety to any exercise regime, this innovative addition will ensure maximum results – or you get a full refund !
The Milon circuit exercises all the major muscle groups and cardiovascular system and is used by more than 1 million people in Germany alone. The product has won a number European awards for innovation. The circuit system sets the workout intervals for each piece of equipment so you will know immediately when to proceed to the next machine. You will have a personal smart card which enables the equipment to automatically switch to the appropriate settings based on your physical profile and personal exercise

Joe Cosgrove, CEO of The Kingfisher commented ‘We are thrilled to be the first club in Ireland to offer this unique and affordable premier product! So many people these days find it hard to build a fitness regime into their busy lives and here we have provided for them a high intensity workout in just 35 minutes!’ Our unique partnership with Milon means we are the only club to have exclusivity to this revolutionary fitness product.
This circuit training system consists of 8 to 12 machines arranged in a circle around a pillar. You start your workout following the pre-set signaling system, alerting you on when to shift to the next machine. The whole circuit, with its combination of cardio and strength workouts, can be completed in 17.5 minutes.

What makes this system more unique is the use of electronically controlled resistance. What this means is that this equipment does not use the traditional forms of weights or hydraulics. All the resistance is generated electronically, allowing different levels of resistance to be selected separately for concentric and eccentric motions.

The smart card technology used automatically registers your parameters during the first workout, saving them for future sessions. This, along with the servo motors, which give you precise measurements, increases the training efficiency by about 30%.
It’s perfect for anyone who has a busy life and cannot afford hours in the gym.

Suitable for both men and women and available in 17 countries, the sustainable Milon equipment is a great addition to the Kingfisher Club.With affordable prices, the cost effective Kingfisher Club continues to offer updated equipment and trending fitness classes. Combined with certified fitness staff, personal assessments, fitness classes and programs, the Kingfisher Club is dedicated in helping their customers succeed. The staff inspires a fitness community that supports each other.

The circuit training system is scientifically proven to burn 50% more fat than regular circuit training. With this in mind, the Kingfisher Club is committed to enhancing the quality of life for people participating at their facility and using this new equipment. Inspiring to do all this by ensuring exercise is enjoyable, the staff are excited and motivated to integrate the new Milon gear into their gym and show their customers what it’s all about.

Whether the goal is to lose weight, maximise metabolism or increase endurance, the Kingfisher Club helps their customers find the solution that’s right for them. This announcement encourages the public to try out the facilities and see what the Kingfisher Club and the Milon equipment can offer them. Milon equipment has created happy bodies for over 40 years, why not see for yourself?

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