Humble Herb Talk With Dr Nicolas Kats

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The 39th Clifden Arts Festival will take place from the 15th-25th September 2016 and will display Ireland’s rich and artistic culture through an extraordinary repertoire of events. This 10 day festival features over 200 diverse events with an exciting programme filled to the brim with artists, writers, poets, theatre, music and visual art spectacles. Once again, the fascinating US Naturopathic Doctor and licensed acupuncturist, Nicolas Kats will give an informative, engaging Herb talk which will enchant all age groups whether you are a nature enthusiast or not.

Not only is Dr Nicolas Kats, a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist who holds clinics in the city and Clifden; he is also a top class sailor and has sailed across the wild Atlantic sea. Dr Kats will discuss in detail the local herbs in the surrounding area, the process of identifying them and how to use the herbs for medicinal purposes for specific health problems. Dr Kats will also discuss tasting, edibility and will recount intriguing stories regarding Gaelic beliefs and various superstitions surrounding the wild herbs.

This herb walk will provide an ideal opportunity to view the Connemara region in all its mythical glory clothed in a variety of rich, Autumnal colours. In one of the most unique, picturesque places in the world there are spectacular rolling valleys, hills and shimmering, black lakes. The soft drizzle of the North Atlantic enhance its savage, vivid beauty and help the growth of its many exquisite wild flowers, grasses, heathers, wild herbs and other delightful wildlife.

This Herb walk will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and takes place on Sunday the 18th of September. It will commence from the graveyard of the Church Of Ireland of which all donations will be given to. For an extraordinary chance to view Connemara in all its beauty and expand your knowledge from an expert who has given Herb Walks at the Clifden Arts Festival for over 10 years, this Herb talk is not to be missed!

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