Hermitage Green Concert Confirmed For The Clifden Arts Festival

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The 39th Clifden Arts Festival will take place from the 15th-25th September 2016 and will showcase Ireland’s diverse and artistic culture through compelling, breath-taking events. Every year this annual Arts Festival, held in a picturesque, coastal town, hosts an extraordinary repertoire of gold-standard Irish and International musicians who will appeal to the masses no matter where you are from or what your taste in music is. One of the most anticipated highlights of the festival will include electrifying, pristine performances from Irish folk-rock acoustic band, Hermitage Green.

Fronted by former Munster rugby player, Barry Murphy, Hermitage Green are a sultry, folk-pop band that blends an original arrangement of instruments including the bodhrán, djembe, rhythmic guitar and the banjo. This distinctive, unique blend of instruments is combined with gorgeous four part harmonies which create both heart-swelling, poetic ballads and traditional, riotous songs and the result is truly unforgettable.  Their sound echoes the distinguishable sign of a new folk revival and their unique selling point is their polished performances, full to the brim with passion and energy which has left audiences across the globe awestruck.

After an impromptu jam session between friends in 2010, Hermitage Green signed to Sony Music in 2015 and since then they have performed sold out shows around Ireland and in the UK. They also have an international army of fans across the world as a result of their mesmerising gigs, playing in South Africa, Australia, Dubai and New York, to name just a few. From “Quicksand” to “Make it better”, their songs will take you from anarchy to serenity and from motion to stillness and the lyrics reflect on much of their own lives as well as reflecting on important issues such as mental health.

Hermitage Green have an electric enthusiasm for creating stadium-worthy music and their purely raw talent will leave you in a frenzy of clapping and dancing as you feel the distinctive beat of the bodhrán pumping through your veins. They will perform at the Clifden Arts Festival in the Station House Theatre on Friday 16th of September and you are sure to leave the concert with your pulse racing and your heart wide open.

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