Gastropreneur Does It Again

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Chef and CEO Kieran Nolan of Mixgreens looks to the stone age and Japanese methods for launch of additional new menus.
The healthy fast food restaurant chain – Mixgreens, currently offers a wide selection of ‘good food on the go’ menus, from freshly made salads to rustic hot pots, raw juices and wholesome sandwiches and wraps.This month the popular ‘fast -casual’ restaurant will add a ‘ popular diets’ menu ,which will include the stone age style ‘Paleo’ diet, a feast of primal gastronomy served with vegetables, but no starch, refined sugars or dairy products. This is fast food that’s fit for a caveman !
The Okinawan diet will also be featured, this Japanese inspired diet is low in calories and high in fibre so it can help you lose or maintain weight, which is important for avoiding chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer. Japanese people are more likely to reach 100 years old than anyone else in the world, a fact that some researchers attribute to the Okinawan diet.

The launch of the new menus which also include quesadillas,noodles and chilli bowls will also now have a ‘seasonal specials’ menu and many of the old favourites will still be available.

CEO of Mixgreens, and Gastropreneur Kieran Nolan commented ‘ We will inspire people to try a healthy alternative to standard fast food, with over 5 stores located in major cities and towns in Ireland Mixgreens is now surpassing the growth rate in which we aspired to when we launched just over two years ago’’.

With a handy nutrition calculator that allows you to know exactly what will be in the food you select, you can easily customize your food to meet your specific nutritional needs. The new menus will be launched across all the Mixgreens stores in Galway, Limerick & Athlone as well as the new store opening on Foster Street, Galway, later this month.
For more information and a look at the menu visit or Twitter @mixgreensrest