Functional Medicine Conference 2017 Announced For Galway

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The 2nd Annual Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Conference presents The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) in Ireland

The Functional and Lifestyle Medicine Approach to Chronic Disease

Functional and Lifestyle Medicine is gaining popularity across all platforms of healthcare and education.

Functional Medicine is an evidence-based, comprehensive approach to nutrition and lifestyle care that can significantly improve a persons overall health. This emerging model is driven by increasing consumer demand and combines modern science, lifestyle, and critical thinking. Applying the principles of functional and lifestyle medicine centred around diet, exercise, sleep and stress.


In Ireland the leading cause of death is heart disease yet research [1,2] states that 90% of heart disease may be reversible through lifestyle and diet. When it comes to heart disease, genetics can play a role. But there are many other factors we can control. As the saying goes: Genetics load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger.


Functional Medicine isn’t a revolutionary model of care that aims to overhaul traditional schools of medicine. It is simply a new lens to look at the patient. Functional Medicine trained practitioners asks why the health issued occurred in the first place . It is not alternative medicine, it is taking new findings from systems biology and how certain influences from lifestyle and diet can impact a persons health.


For the first time in Ireland the global leader in Functional Medicine education, The Institute for Functional is coming to Galway on November 3rd and 4th 2017

The Functional Medicine Conference offers a multi-disciplinary faculty of expert clinicians and thought leaders and is proud to announce its educational partnership with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). Both organisations will continue to support the growth in knowledge surrounding Functional Nutrition and Medicine and the adoption of Functional Medicine principles in clinical practice.


FMC, the conference organisation offers training programs for nutritional and other medical professionals.  Maev Creaven FMC founder states, “Having personally experienced the high standards of the IFM Functional Medicine training, I knew I needed to bring this to nutrition and medical professionals in Ireland, in a systematic and clinically relevant manner. Creating an educational partnership between IFM and FMC has helped facilitate that process.”


The conference offers clinical training in Ireland for registered nutritional and medical professionals focused on integrative and functional nutrition and medicine. The Friday session on November 3rd is open to members of the public and offers an Introduction to Functional Medicine principles and includes a panel discussion with world class experts.


Topics to include: the functional medicine approach to heart disease and cholesterol, brain function, cognitive decline and more.



Kristi Hughes, ND [IFM faculty]

Dr Bob Rountree [IFM faculty]

Dr Mark Menolascino [IFM faculty]

Dr Aseem Malhotra [UK Cardiologist]

Prof Sherif Sultan [vascular surgeon]



Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill, Galway

Nov 3rd and 4th 2017



Maev Creaven or Pamela Finn

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