From Busker To International Acclaimed Musician

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Colm Mac Con Iomaire is a Native Irish speaker from Dublin who comes from a musical home which was visited by a plethora of musicians and singers where he absorbed a huge mixture of new sounds and musical styles. The beginning of his musical career centred around the traditional world of Irish dance music with influences from his mother’s side of classical instruments such as the violin and piano which he learned to play as a young child. Barely on the verge of adulthood, Mac Con Iomaire founded the contemporary traditional band “Kíla” when he was still at school where the band members were free to experiment in their spectacular musical abilities.

Clifden’s 39th Arts Festival will take place from the 15th-25th September 2016.  With an eclectic, diverse repertoire of events, this year’s festival promises to enchant and educate people of all ages. Amongst the spectacular traditional Irish music repertoire, in a crowded field of gold-standard Irish Fiddle players, Colm Mac Con Iomaire is beautifully original. A gifted, multi-instrumentalist as comfortable playing banjo, guitar, piano or electric keyboard as he is playing fiddle. He is a top class musician, composer, film score arranger and founder of the Irish Traditional band “Kíla” and member of the internationally acclaimed pop group the Frames.

After busking on the streets of Dublin with his other band members, a friendship with another busker, Glen Hansard, a Dublin-based singer songwriter, gave him a push into the professional world of musicians where he entered as a violinist into the alternative pop group the Frames.

A master of almost all stringed instruments from fiddle and viola through to guitar and bouzouki, his compositions have featured in both film and theatre after the Irish language television broadcaster TG4 offered him opportunities to write scores for films. A master of mood and atmosphere, he has added immense colour and creativity to various scripts and films he has scored crime drama Corp + Anam for TG4, composed music for poet

Theo Dorgan’s Sappho’s Daughter which was performed by Barry McGovern and Olwen Fouéré and has provided music for Marc Mac Lochlainn’s puppet show Bláth.
His music is rich and seductive as well as eclectic in its influences from Irish Traditional to classical music with a flavour of the East and more which has allowed him to produce his very own albums from “The Hare’s Corner” and “And Now the Weather” to “Burn the Map” and “Dance the Devil” with the Frames. His concert will take place at the Clifden Arts Festival on Thursday the 15th of September in the Station House Theatre and you will leave the concert with your pulse racing from this exquisitely expressive music. A concert not to be missed!