Cultural Clifden Catalyses Positive Economy Worth 1.3 Million

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Cultural Clifden Catalyses Positive Economy Worth 1.3 Million

Clifden’s Arts Festival to have a significant impact on the local economy

According to a recent Research and Economic Impact Study, the estimated lo- cal economic impact of the festival is €1.3 million and also creates approxi- mately 40 jobs for people working within the festival period.

On the 28th of July, the official line up for the Clifden’s 39th Arts festival, which takes place from the 15-25 September 2016, will be announced. This prestigious festival lures an incredible audience of around 10,800 people annually. 30 percent of these people are locals, 35 percent are Irish visitors mainly from Dublin and Galway and 35 percent are overseas tourists travelling primarily from the US, Great Britain, France and Germany. These tourists from overseas are estimated to stay in Clifden for ap- proximately 6.1 nights with the majority residing in hotels, guesthouses or B&B’s. Overall, the festival generates almost 4,000 bed nights.

Over the years, 75 percent of local businesses have also remarked on how the Clif- den Arts festival has increased their overall sales during the festival period with one local adding that it: “Stretches the season to the end of September’’. Another local noted that sales are 10-15 percent busier than the week before the festival. The fes- tival also drives business at off peak times throughout the year as it creates a profile for the Clifden area and distinguishes the Clifden brand which encourages visitors to return to this charming town.

Creative Director of the festival, Mr. Brendan Flynn has remarked on how he looks forward to the 39th festival with immense anticipation: “This year’s festival promises to be better than ever with plenty of new faces to add to the long line of artists, musi- cians, poets and writers who have been an integral part of the festival for decades”. The 2016 line-up will include spectacular performances from the multi-award winning “We Banjo 3”, the exotic Reggae band, “The Light runners” and the legendary Phil Coulter who has performed his classical arrangements with everyone from James Galway to the London Symphony Orchestra.

According to the Research and Economic Impact Study the average person attends 3.6 events. After attending the Clifden Arts Festival a total of 97 percent of overseas tourists stated that they would come back to this historic festival in one of the most picturesque parts of Ireland.

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