Century Old Farm Launches Beef Business

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First for Clare – Beef Direct From the Burren

Fifth- generational farmer Cathal O’ Rourke and his wife Bronagh have launched a new business amid the coronavirus pandemic, they saw an opportunity to launch Burren Beef, a farm-to-table boxed-beef business.

The O’Rourke’s have been farming in The Burren for almost a century. Cathal and Bronagh are incredibly passionate about farming, conservation and sustainability. Together with their three daughters, they are custodians of the land, applying best practice traditional farming methods to manage and protect the region for future generations and produce beef with Bord Bia approval.

Bronagh and Cathal have sourced the best Artisan Butcher in Valhalla Meats who run a farm to table family business. Focused on bringing the heritage of farm provenance back to everybody’s kitchen with modern consumer solution and are collaborating with them to bring to your table the best tasting beef having grazed there amazing 500 diverse farm in the heart of the Burren in Co Clare.

The Burren is one of world’s most unique and outstanding landscapes. It is an oasis of natural habitat, from unique herbs to fragile orchids, seasonal lakes to rare butterflies. It is the soul of Ireland. The practice of transhumance or out wintering is of enormous ecological significance: wintering animals remove all the dominant herbs and grasses that would otherwise inhibit herb growth and limit plant species diversity, without damaging these plants during their flowering season. This practice of grazing the rich herbs on the limestone pavement coupled with the lush grassland available to our livestock gives our beef a distinctive “Burren flavour and simply taste better”.

“The straight-to-consumer market is going to become the new thing,” Bronagh O Rourke said. “With Burren Beef, we are able to provide people with that experience.”

The care and work that the O’Rourke’s invest in producing meat of the highest standard eases the shopping process for their customers. Their excellent produce comes in boxes containing a variety of cuts, from a variety of steaks, beef strips, minced beef to roasts and delivered straight to your door.

Knowing beforehand exactly where your top quality, tasty beef is coming from, that it’s local and that you’re getting a range of different cuts takes the thinking out of your meat shopping for weeks on end, saving you valuable time otherwise lost to browsing

Each box contains a selection of cuts, both premium and household. This type of mixing gives great value in the boxes. It also means that the farm supplier gets a good return from an entire animal. Valhalla Meats don’t have a high price for premium cuts or a low price for lesser cuts. They believe all meat is made equal and we reflect this in our meat boxes.

The mystery adds to the surprise and can be your inspiration to be more inventive over the stove or the bbq.

Delivery time approx 3/4 days working days from order placement.

Orders placed on Thursday/Friday/Saturday will be dispatched the following Monday.

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