Be Blog Tastic

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Blogs are vital for most brands and organisations. However, due to the overwhelming number of blogs it’s a challengeto make sure your blog posts are getting read among audience…

But blogs are not going away, and the onus is on marketing departments to craft blogs that can build awareness and boost visibility.

you have to blog reminder

61 percent of consumers have purchased products or services based on a blog post.

With that in mind, here are several questions to ask before you start writing:

> What is the purpose of my blog?

Connect it to business goals. Everything you do has to come back around to your overall strategic mission. Your blog should be a centerpiece for driving the content that furthers your business goals.

> What makes my content interesting?

Find a voice and topics that set you apart. Every industry or product has something that makes it unique. Find your niche and use it to differentiate yourself from the competition.

> How do I obtain evangelists for my blog?

Interact regularly with readers and remember to take the good with the bad.

> How can I be authentic in my blogging?

Value honesty and transparency above all else. A blog offers unique capabilities when it comes to digital communications.

Happy blogging…