Back To Work Programme For Galway Job Seekers

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Back to Work Programme for Galway Job Seekers 

City & Guilds is offering an innovative Sales and Marketing for SME’s programme in Galway which offers a fresh start to people who have been unemployed for 12 months or more under the Government funded Momentum Programme which is being administered by Solas.   The programme is designed to create genuine job opportunities by enabling participants to re-focus their talents and revitalise their skills through formal training and one-to-one support. The programme will suit those looking for job opportunities in areas of customer service, outbound or inbound sales, sales advice, marketing, help desk support and/or client experience. 

Evelyn Cormican, of Blueprint Coaching & Training who is the Regional Coordinator for the City & Guilds Momentum programme commented on the initiative; “Since the momentum programme was launched we have seen strong interest from a very broad range of backgrounds having a significant amount of transferable skills, qualifications and experience.  In many cases these people never expected to be unemployed and needed an opportunity to apply their skills to a different industry or sector.  A Sales and Marketing qualification is very valuable on its own or as an add on to other qualifications and experience’’.
The programme will run full-time over a period of 23 weeks and is free to participants. The first 13 week’s  combines confidence building, employability, Sales and Marketing, Customer service and is certified by City & Guilds.  This is followed by a 10 weeks directed work placement. 

Speaking about the programme, City & Guilds project manager Jackie O’Keefe says, “The Government’s priority is to get people back to work and to assist long-term jobseekers in getting new skills and returning to employment in areas where there are currently opportunities, in particular the growth area of the sales and marketing industries, this is a fantastic opportunity for jobseekers to upskill and return to employment”. 

The Sales & Marketing in SME’s programme will be of interest to candidates with experience in the following areas – administrative officers, clerical workers, cashiers, bank and building society officials, secretaries, and people working in retail and other customer facing roles.

The courses are individually designed to encourage motivated people to work together to further their career. The course is an opportunity to develop key skills and reveal potential in a dynamic environment.

The Momentum Sales and Marketing for SME’s programme will commence on April 27th and will take place in the Pillo Hotel in Galway City.   The programme is open to those who are at least 12 months on the live register and in receipt of jobseekers benefit or allowance or signing on for social insurance credit for at least 12 months and actively seeking work.
For further information  Contact  Evelyn Cormican on 087 6083846 or