Anti Ageing Fitness

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Until recently ageing was considered inevitable. Those first, tiny crows feet in the corner of your eyes in your late 20s, creeping shortsightedness at 45 and those unavoidable jowls at 50 are familiar symptoms of an ageing process none of us believe we can do anything about.
Exercise has profound benefits in slowing the ageing process. Physical activity improves muscle tone and strength, endurance, immune system response and bone density. It improves sleep. It helps control weight, can ease depression, and reduces risk of dementia, cancer and cardiovascular or respiratory diseases.

The Science Bit
Recent research in which 2,401 people were tested by a professor at a leading London hospital were astounding. Subjects who did about 100 minutes of exercise a week tended to have the telomere length ( a chromosome that assists with cell renewal ) of people five to six years younger. The longer the telomere the younger the person seems,most impressive of all, people who exercised more than three hours a week had telomeres nearly 10 years younger than those who did the least amount of exercise.So the evidence is pretty clear.

In very simple terms, ageing is a breakdown of the machinery that fixes the damage caused by factors of everyday life. The speed at which we age is influenced by our lifestyle choices, such as how much we eat, how much fat we carry, how much we drink, what stress we’re under and how much we exercise. Exercise is proving to be more important than anyone expected.

Kingfisher Active Age
We all know exercise also improves muscle mass.And while it’s nice to look ripped, the anti-ageing benefit of muscle mass is that it helps keep body fat under control, thus dampening chronic low-level inflammation in the body in-check and boosting metabolism and the immune system.

The Kingfisher also offer classes specific to combat anti-ageing including: Pilates, yoga, swimming and cardio.Non members can join the classes for €8 or a monthly rate of €49 and the benefits for joining and exercising include;

  • Improved use of joints
  • improved mood
  • improved mental health
  • lower blood pressure
  • For those with arthritis, it can help improve the use of joints

So go on, take that step and call the Kingfisher today…you are never to old to enjoy feeling younger !

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