Get the best PR Team on your team

Launched in 2006 year, PR Pam is one of Ireland’s leading media firms. Owner Pam Finn aka ‘PR Pam’ is a PR Mentor that continues to advise leading businesses. She is passionate about the arts and manages PR for a select number of arts festivals.

Most recently Pam transitioned into broadcasting. She hosted major events online and offline in 2023 including interviewing at Microsoft , hosting Women in Business events, MC for numerous national brands AND she has produced and created shows for national television, has a regular podcast with Creative Ireland and has won acclaimed praise for directing and producing a documentary about President John F Kennedy’s visit to Ireland in 1963 – JFK: The Three Miles was premiered in the United States in 2023.

The PR Pam firm also offer presenting services for events and are currently working with major brands worldwide.

Pam also provides PR coaching to a range of businesses in Ireland. PR Pam has been featured on national television and named as one of The Top Women in Media in the United Kingdom and Ireland..next stop America !

Get the best MEDIA team working with you..creators of TELEVISION documentaries, hosting at events and much more !

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